Be productive from anywhere 24/7 with ViridisMed. Simple, secure accessibility enables you to manage, organize, protect and share documents in the Cloud.

Begin now to transform how you manage your department.

ViridisMed is a private Cloud document and records management system with all the benefits of rapid deployment, subscription pricing and scalable capacity delivered with enhanced security and reliability.



We maintain and manage the performance, availability and security of the system. ViridisMed shifts the burden of successful deployment and management from the customer to us. It eliminates the need for additional hardware and staff. It accelerates the time to value and increases user productivity by increasing application reliability and security.

ViridisMed gives users the efficiency tools they need; when, where, and how they need them. ViridisMed is complementary to existing on-premises software.  You don’t need to change your current workflow or processes to realize improvements immediately.

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ViridisMed is configured and hosted on a secure platform at the #1 rated disaster avoidance colocation and bandwidth interconnect facility in North America to support your efforts for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of PHI.

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Streamline your business process lifecycles for improvement and optimization and convert your back office to a “less paper” environment. ViridisMed gives users the enhanced capabilities they need to perform their jobs better and faster.

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ViridisMed will enable you to simplify compliance for most healthcare business processes such as accreditation, credentialing billing and collections; human resource; accounts payable; medical records; payor contracts and legal documents.

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