Asset Management

Manage and Track Asset with detailed online database

The folders are customizable for each department. You can create as many index fields for each record as required to create powerful search functionality. Within each folder you can query using the drop down list menu.  Other types of search methods include date range with a calendar pick list.

Accounts Payable

Centralize, Organize and Manage Purchase Orders, Packing Slips, Invoices and Payments

ViridisMed is a practical alternative to paper filing and storage that will reduce your “paper pain” while lowering costs and enhancing productivity. Scan and upload documents with a simple network connected multi-function machine. Speed invoice processing while improving quality and control.


Building Management

Digitally Store and Access Inventory, Work Orders, Work Detail Reports, Vendor Contracts, Warranties, Maintenance Schedules and more

Business Office Records

ViridisMed Makes Your Job Easier

We've designed ViridisMed for the ultimate in simplicity. No installation necessary. All your documents are accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device. All the features you need — and none that you don't. Time is money, and ViridisMed helps you save both by reducing your paper pain. Storing all essential documents, from patient sign-In sheets to financial reports, in one centralized records system in the Cloud you’ll spend less time on repetition and more time managing your business.



Simplify the Management and Sharing of Policies and Procedures to stay in Compliance

ViridisMed supports policy and procedure documentation and compliance with its web-based central repository to store and organize all policy and procedure documents. It provides the tools for monitoring, updating and documenting compliance for periodic audits, surveys and self-assessments.


Centralized Location for All Contracts and Legal Documents

Ensure you are always working with the latest payor and vendor contracts and business agreements. Viridismed can help you keep all contracts up to date. Use date filters to find contract expiration dates before they expire.


Create individual folders for all provider types and easily scan in supporting documents such as licenses, insurance certificates, DEA licenses,  and photo IDs.