Don’t Forget Business Continuity Planning

Hurricane season has arrived so if you don’t have a safety plan or preparedness policy in place now is the time to develop one. Fewer than half of small businesses are prepared for a major disaster. Many admit their company does not have safety training or a business continuity plan.

In addition to protecting employees and the physical assets a plan to recover and maintain business continuity is critical.
The technological property of your business includes all data backed up and accessible off-site if so you can keep the business running.

FEMA has excellent resources available to help you create a Preparedness Policy.

According to FEMA the following are good reasons to have a written Prepared Policy developed and implemented.

  • Up to 40% of businesses affected by a natural or human-caused disaster never reopen. (Source: Insurance Information Institute)
  • Customers expect delivery of products or services on time. If there is a significant delay, customers may go to a competitor.
  • Insurance is only a partial solution. It does not cover all losses and it will not replace customers.
  • Many disasters — natural or human-caused — may overwhelm the resources of even the largest public agencies. Or they may not be able to reach every facility in time.
  • News travels fast and perceptions often differ from reality. Businesses need to reach out to customers and other stakeholders quickly.

 Typical goals of a Preparedness Policy include:

  • Protect the safety of employees, visitors, contractors and others at risk from hazards at the facility. Plan for persons with disabilities and functional needs.
  • Maintain customer service by minimizing interruptions or disruptions of business operations
  • Protect facilities, physical assets and electronic information
  • Prevent environmental contamination
  • Protect the organization’s brand, image and reputation

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