You need flexible, affordable, Web-enabled tools to maximize productivity and minimize costs across all departments. ViridisMed eliminates wasted time and handling costs from document driven tasks and increases productivity, profitability, customer service and job satisfaction.

Without disrupting existing workflows it is possible to quickly and effortlessly transform clinical and back office processes for medical records, personnel records, payables, asset management, billing and collections with a single private Cloud application, ViridisMed.

Calculate the Cost

Lack of document organization affects productivity and costs money.
Business statistics show the average knowledge worker spends close to 40% of their time looking for information.

ViridisMed is an efficiency tool that helps streamline and reduce the cycle time of document driven processes.

Use the Calculator below to estimate how much money could be saved if you squeeze just one hour of document filing and retrieval tasks from each worker each day.

How much more efficient would your office be if you could reallocate one hour of document filing and retrieval tasks from each worker each day?

It adds up.

Calculate the Cost of One Hour per Day per Employee Filing and Retrieving Paper Documents

# of  Employees One Hour Per Day Burdened Pay Rate Per Hour per Employee Total Labor Per Day Total Labor Per Year
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Processes are the organization’s mechanism of creating and delivering products and services to its customers. The efficiency of this mechanism is one of the key factors that determines overall corporate performance.

A recent survey indicated that 74% of organizations that implemented digitized document and records management had their expectations met or exceeded by the measurable cost containment results.

Results Reported:

  1. Tasks are now managed, organized and distributed more efficiently
  2. The time spent making decisions has been cut virtually in half
  3. Staff time spent processing documents has been significantly reduced
  4. Accounting cycle time has been reduced
  5. Both productivity and work quality improved
  6. Customers are impressed with how easy it is to do business with our company
  7. Our workforce is more enthusiastic and productive
  8. Management is better able to monitor business performance
  9. We waste less personnel time and materials
  10. There has been a noticeable improvement in customer service and job satisfaction