ViridisMed is a stable, secure web-native Cloud platform serving over 10,000 users for the past 10 years. Cloud technology enables us to manage the performance, security and availability of the ViridisMed system for you. All you need is an Internet connection.

ViridisMed is significantly simpler and less costly to deploy, use and maintain than in-house applications. This means zero upfront investment in servers or software licensing.

ViridisMed enables your staff to accelerate and simplify compliance for most healthcare business processes such as accreditation; billing and collections; human resource files; credentialing documents; accounts payable; medical records; payor contracts and legal documents.

Simply access ViridisMed via a web browser. Quickly search, retrieve and import any type of electronic document directly into the system.

The economic and flexibility benefits of ViridisMed include:

  • Deliver consistency of service across all departments and devices
  • Enable access to an always-current version
  • Enable rapid deployment

The Cloud delivers what you need. You don’t have to purchase or maintain software applications and IT personnel. You don’t purchase it. You just pay to use it.

What’s in the Cloud?

The network hardware and software, the servers, firewalls, routers are managed in data centers not on your premises.The whole bundle is offered to you as a ‘Service‘.
The Cloud is different from hosted solutions.

Web-Native applications hosted in the Cloud are the latest technology written specifically for access via a browser over the Internet.


Three Types of Cloud


Public CLOUDS are for everyone

Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Gmail are Cloud email services.
Individuals don’t need to purchase and maintain Email software.
We just want to send and receive email.
We go to the Public Cloud for that service.
It is a public cloud because anyone can open an account by going to the Internet and sign up.

Private CLOUDS are for specific users only

Private Cloud refers to the applications on private servers for specific customers with password protection, encryption and harden data centers.