Electronic medical records might not be the best option for your facility at this time. Or perhaps you are converting to an EMR. Either way you need to maintain and share the existing patient records. Digitizing your current paper charts is a step in the right direction. Some of the benefits of scanned records:

  • Quickly access information with improved privacy and security compliance
  • Reduce labor and other costs associated with managing hard copies for long retention periods
  • Enables sharing for time sensitive clinical, billing and patient access

We have simplified the process for you


With ViridisMed functionality you scan in the records using a network attached multi-function printer/scanner and upload to our Cloud instantly. This preserves the record for easy access and saves the cost of uploading scanned records to an EMR.

Because the record is in the Cloud the physicians, nurses, billers can all access it quickly and simultaneously from a browser. HIPAA requirements for records privacy are easier to meet when the documents are electronic. Patient information is passcode protected and users are authorized by your administrator. ViridisMed creates audit trails tracking access by user.


Creating the patient folder is simple. Add name and patient ID and the system will automatically pre-populate the chart with the document categories you select.