ViridisMed is a web-based, integrated imaging and workflow application that is hosted and maintained in the most secure data center in North America for its clients. It is a true ‘Cloud’ solution or SaaS.

The platform has been in service since 2001 and has over 10,000 end users. The system is secure and FINRA/SEC/HIPAA compliant. The platform allows users to scan, index, retrieve and route documents from any internet browser.

At the heart of ViridisMed platform is a graphically configurable workflow engine. The workflow platform and architecture is specifically designed to meet the needs of all companies with distributed networks. The Viridis platform connects field offices to the back office and facilitates straight-through paperless processes regardless of time or place. End users only need internet access and a password to access the system; regardless of time of day or location – a true On-Demand processing platform.

End users have 24/7 access to their electronic file cabinets as well as access to critical processes such as billing, account maintenance, accounts payable and any other operation process. The system also crosses over to operational areas such as licensing, compliance, accounting, and human resources.

Once in place, it is inexpensive and easy to deploy departmental imaging and workflows. Speed of deployment is one of the key competitive advantages of ViridisMed.

Work with any Scanner

ViridisScan requires a TWAIN or Kofax driven scanner to operate. The Viridis system works with virtually all scanners and multi-function devices available today.

Automatic Backup and Disaster Recovery

The Viridis platform utilizes redundant EMC Centera Compliance Edition Plus systems in multiple locations. Each physical site is replicated depending on client requirements.

Hierarchical Security

The system provides hierarchical entitlement (relational entitlements are also provided for users such as auditors, assistants and clients) access and explicit restrictions to be based on groups (offices, divisions, roles, etc.), users, domains (folders, cabinets and departments), documents and indexed fields.

Users are fully compartmentalized within the company hierarchy. Within each hierarchy, employee access is assigned based on a group hierarchy that reflects the physical departments, down to the individual employee. Entitlements can also be established based on considerations that require special privileges (such as electronic signature approval, document editing, reporting, monitoring, etc.).

Special privileges are both at the document level and up through the indexed field levels to the root hierarchies. This allows for privileged information to be hidden from employees that do not have the “need to know”. Moreover, the system’s security model provides an integrated, centrally controlled, monitored and managed solution.

Hierarchical security in Viridis will be configured specifically for your organization with regulatory requirements around correspondence, supervision and other functions specific to individual customer requirements.

Measures to Protect Stored Information

The Viridis application has undergone exhaustive penetration testing as a result of its engagements with some of the largest financial services institutions in the US. One test utilized a DOD certified company, Net2S, to perform application and data center penetration testing. The system was found to be secure.

Measures are taken and continually evaluated to ensure the appropriate security controls are in place within our data centers to prevent inadvertent exposure to viral data that may be uploaded into our environment. Industry standard intrusion detection and countermeasures are in place that will detect and terminate any unauthorized activity prior to entering the firewall.

We maintain industry standard firewalls regulating all data entering our internal data network from any external source providing secure connections between internal and external systems permitting only specific types of data to pass through.

Application authentication is built into the system and provides for user login rules such as password expiration and strong password enforcement. Secured SSO integration with client environments is also a capability that we support for various clients.

A virus protection engine is integrated into our system and utilizes a virus detection engine that is fast, scalable and reliable. Data is zipped and password protected on the client end and then sent using SSL protocol. From the server to the client workstation the data is always sent using SSL.

Technology Platform

Viridis is built on open standards and the core product is based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE). Viridis is partnered with Adobe and utilizes secure pdf’s as its standard file format. Images can be saved in their native file format and opened in the native application. The system employs version control if the electronic document is saved back into the imaging system. Integration can be accomplished using API’s or custom modules can be built in Java.

Web services are another integration method to provide the ability to update/retrieve indexing information from third party systems. HTTP requests can also be built in to retrieve additional documents or data. EMC Centera Compliance Edition Plus is utilized to satisfy SEC rules for WORM storage, document retention and secure, electronic shredding. A secure upload utility using SSL transmits the images from the local scan station to the Viridis facility. The image is captured as a tiff and encrypted prior to transmission. Once the image is received at the Viridis data center, a message is sent back to the scan directory and the image is deleted from the local machine.

Viridis adopted Oracle’s Complete, Open and Integrated Platform for our SaaS application. The platform provides scalability, high performance, high availability, security and ability to easily customize.

Viridis provides both a Barcode Generator and Reader that streamlines the capture process by allowing users to print barcode indexing sheets. Organizations seeking to reduce pre-scanning labor and subsequent data entry time will benefit from the use of the Barcode Generator and Reader. This component is useful for clients that already have the indexing information from which to create a barcode before the actual document is scanned. Indexing accuracy may also be increased as Viridis provides online templates that help users determine appropriate document types and keywords, thus reducing the burden of responsibility placed on end users.

Lastly, complex reporting and workflow monitoring tools are embedded in the system. A workflow monitor provides managers with the ability to load balance and monitor and measure productivity of the processors. Business analytics reports help track field service SLA’s and provide a tool for continuous process improvements.

System Requirements:

User Desktop: The client operating environment requirements are to have an Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 6 or higher, as well as any web browser (IE, Firefox, etc.). The system is ‘browser based’ (thin client) and does not require any additional software to be loaded on any desktops.

For scanning stations, the ViridisScan Software must be installed. ViridisScan requires a TWAIN or Kofax driven scanner to operate (virtually all scanners on the market either use TWAIN or Kofax drivers). The requirements for the scanning station are; Pentium PC with 256MB of RAM or more and 1GB of Hard Disk space.

3rd Party Sw: Browser

3rd Party HW: Scanner

3rd Party Licensing: None