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Viridis is configured and hosted on a secure platform that utilizes the #1 rated disaster avoidance collocation and bandwidth interconnect facilities in North America. SwitchCommunications (www.switchnap.com) is a national leader in providing collocation, bandwidth and connectivity services for Fortune 1000 enterprises, mid-sized businesses and government customers. Their new 407,000 square foot facility is the highest density datacenter in the U.S.

Switch deploys a unique system of 5 different layers of Physical Security to ensure the client application is secure:

Physical Security Layer – 1 PERIMETER

Hardened, state-of-the-art, secure facilities.

Well-defined perimeters consisting of signage, blast walls and gates. Clear avenues of approach and backup perimeter barriers.

Physical Security Layer – 2 EXTERIOR WALLS

Steel reinforced poured concrete or masonry reinforced beyond building code requirement.

Entry points are kept to a minimum. Each exterior door is reinforced, alarmed, access controlled and viewed by a dedicated fixed camera.

Physical Security Layer – 3 MAN-TRAPS

Specially engineered man-traps built over fire corridor wall construction.

Sheeted with 12 gauge steel and strapped by 1/4” aluminum.

All access points require additional biometric authentication of the card holder.

Controlled via a 24/7 Security Officer and man-trap relay logic. Audio surveillance and fixed cameras viewing every door.

Physical Security Layer – 4 ACCESS CONTROL

Metal walls, turnstiles, cameras, intercoms and biometric readers.

Positive Access Control requires that a 24/7 staffed Security Comm and center officer verifies that the person standing in the man-trap matches a file photo. After confirmation, the officer activates the second proximity and biometric reader for use.


Every customer space, whether it is a cage, cabinet or suite, is individually locked, protected, and monitored.


  • All fixed cameras are high-resolution color (520 lines) with automatic low-light switching, capable of viewing to .1 lux.
  • Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras are used on the exterior and areas of sensitivity. All PTZs use up-the-coax protocol for immediate relocation to any fixed camera location.
  • Video is digitally recorded at 720×240 resolution at 15 images per second (IPS) upon motion or 30 IPS upon operator command.


  • Detectors are used around the property and provide early warning for perimeter and sensitive area intrusion.
  • Sensor types include infrared motion, ultrasonic motion, photoelectric motion, electromechanical sensors such as door contacts, internal lock sensors and seismic sensors.


  • Switch has a proprietary, fully manned, 24/7 Security Command Center (SECOM).
  • Security staff members are hired with military and security experience.
  • A Security Supervisor oversees each shift and reports to the campus Security Manager.
  • All officers in management positions are required to be active members of ASIS International.